Killed by Fear

Her head turned at an unnatural angle, she stared at the monster that had brought on the heart attack. In all her nightmares she had imagined her skin disintegrating beneath a bite mark, or a lump that continuously swelled and oozed sticky yellow pus until her whole system was poisoned and her organs suffocated on the toxicity of her system shutting down.

Each dreamed-up scenario resulted in an excruciating death. As she lay on the floor dying, she thought about all the possibilities this fear had robbed her of. Places she had refused to travel and adventures she had declined.

She hadn’t known that the bug repellent she sprayed like air freshener over every surface of her house would contribute to a weakening heart and her ultimate downfall. The need for an insect free space overrode any caution of self-intoxication and robbed her of time spent in obsessive daily cleaning.

Chemical toxins burning and squeezing her chest, Patty blinked her killer into focus. The legs were a twisted work of art, the eyes penetrating, and the body of cogs intricate. If only she had noticed the winding mechanism to the metal spring-work spider before she had run for the chemicals, she thought as her eyes closed.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.17

FFFC: Challenge 9
Image by AdnaeInviere at

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