Old Love

“This is wasted on the old timers,” Tatum grunted to an empty room.

What do they need a beautiful, romantic setting like this for? Geriatrics have nothing better to do than complain about how things have changed, compare their illnesses and wait to die anyway.

Tatum wistfully imagined her one-day wedding within the architectural splendour of these gorgeous walls. She would put the space to good use.

Shortly there would be a hundred old age home residents shuffling through the doors for their annual Easter lunch. Tatum was grossed out by the elderly – half drooled and messed themselves, while the other half bored her. She was only doing this to impress Adam. She’d pretend to be busy in the kitchen, so she didn’t have to interact with them.

Before she could leave, Adam came in assisting an old lady in a powder pink lace dress, with hideous old people’s cream velcro health sandals. He got her seated and went back to help more of the aged until all were in a chair.

“Thanks for helping out.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she lied.

At the table in front of them Tatum noticed a man and woman talking. He was introducing himself and flirting and she was smiling, but the look in her eyes didn’t make sense. It was a loving gaze that every person wished they would receive from someone at least once in their life.

“What is the story with them?” she asked Adam.

“Bob has Alzheimers. Anne and he have been married for sixty years, but he doesn’t remember. He introduces himself and flirts with her every day like they are meeting for the first time.”

“Every day?” her voice quivered.

“Yes, always gentle and understanding.”

A tear dropped down Tatum’s cheek when she realized she was seeing true love for the first time, and it deserved all of this.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.12

#FFFC: Challenge #8
Image by Achim Scholty from Pixabay

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