Life Rerouted

To monitor this journey we’re on
Goals measured according to plans
Milestones met and those missed
The project plan of life, managed
To determine success or failure
Never a resting moment to just be
If you should lag behind a timeline
Drawn in your own blood and sweat
Adjustments hastily put in place
To correct a wayward course
For you’ll have to answer to them
The prying, questioning others
Wanting to know your achievements
Listed and qualified to their satisfaction
Judging in vocal opinion
The measure of your efforts in their mind
But then she intervenes
Lady Life, in her whispering white robes
Waves a magic wand of sparkle and flare
To derail the best laid tracks of man
For she knows better than you or I
What a life fully lived should look like
The best road for you to travel
And that which is for your highest good
Not always to our logical sense
But offer up your faith to the Universe
To the speed bumps and detours
For this is the country road that is meant

Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.13

FOWC: Track
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

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