I feel someone’s pain
I know not whose I bare
Sorrow wrings within
Shredding heart despair
Tears flood behind my eyes
My head, their leash to tumbling
For logic fights inside
How can I cry
For exactly what, I do not know?
This wave washing over me
Struggling to breathe
Crushing my chest cavity
Like waste crumpled for recycling
I swallow the salt water
Lurking just beneath my skin
This tether to others in my life
Natural like day and night
Though my senses tingle more
When shadows grow long
Needing to reach my hand out
Deliver these messages
Lift them up and help them go on
When the thoughts come
Silent screams for help
The Universe a magical postal service
Pleading that I aide
All I need do is listen
And let them know I’m here

Debbie Gravett © 2019.04.07

FOWC: Natural
Image by Constance Kowalik from Pixabay

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