I was tagged by Nova’s Namaste 365 Online to participate in giving gratitude for my week. I don’t normally respond to these things, but I am a big supporter of the difference feeling gratitude every single day makes in a person’s life, so I’m in.

Science has proven we can retrain our brain if we list three things every day for which we’re grateful.

My three for this week so far:

1. The end of Mercury Retrograde and all the chaos it has been causing.

2. Rediscovering morning pages by Julia Cameron. This has changed my mood and confidence drastically.

3. The sumptuous Keto bacon wrapped haloumi fingers with cheese fries my husband made for supper. He doesn’t often cook. Yay, a night off for me. Double bonus!

I could carry on, but this is it for now. I don’t do the tagging thing, so you’re welcome to comment with yours below or do your own post and pingback. Try it, the effects are amazing. If you find yourself in a grey cloud like I was, you’ll find that ever elusive sunshine with this. You have nothing to lose.

Have an amazing weekend.

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.29

Image by Geoffrey Hyland from Pixabay

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