In the jaws of a lion
I found it
In the crash of a tidal wave
In the shaking vibrations
Of a mother bear’s growl
In the talons of an eagle
Raw power displayed
In its most natural way
But I could not find it
Strength nor stamina
Inside of myself
Lost the natural order
Given my power away
To fit into the role
I’ve searched
Outside of myself
To find it
That is not where
It hides in plain sight
It is in the choice
That I make
To be victim or not
To quietly do
That which serves
MY highest good
To quietly use
The natural power
That IS inside of me
To see life
As a possibility
The Universe a friend
Wanting to help
To teach, not punish
To be the space to grow
To be magnificent

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.15

FOWC: Power
Image by Javier Rodriguez from Pixabay

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