The Face

I looked into the face of hunger and hopelessness
It stared through me, eyes glazed over and distant
Faraway in a forgotten place of better things
Either, lived before or dreamed of for the future
Nothing like the current grime and lacking
Sitting before me, begging for a scrap from my table
My heart and emotions stretch across the world
Pity bleeding from my pores and puppy-dog eyes
But how do I help, meaningfully contribute
When this occurs every minute of the hour
Bores into my bones more than once a day
From on my doorstep, around the corner
Across the continent, and around the globe
Not a place that does not starve and struggle
How to pick who gets the little offered by society?
For there to never be, faces of hunger and hopelessness

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.13

FOWC: Occur
Image by muxuproo from Pixabay

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