The pristine house was quiet, but the shadows seemed to move. It could have been a museum with the antique furnishings and crystal chandeliers – not at all child friendly. She tiptoed in on the breeze and floated down the passage, beckoning me to follow. I scanned the doorways and halls for any signs of life as I trailed after her.

Coming to an ornate door with a Victorian brass lever she disappeared through it. I cautiously put my ear to the door and fell into the room. A blonde woman in her mid-forties sat upright in the middle of an oak carved four-poster double bed, heading nodding with a book in her lap. Cuddled up to her on either side lay my son and daughter, sleeping peacefully with hints of a smile on their lips. Each had a hand secured to a thigh of their new mother.

I moved towards the bed, wanting to stroke their chubby rose-tinted cheeks and drop a gentle kiss to each of them. My guide shook her head in denial of the action she could see through me. The rules had changed.

Satisfied that they were safe, and being loved and cared for, I turned and melted back the way we had come, finally accepting that I was no longer mortal.

by Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.12

#FFFC: Flash Fiction Challenge #4
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