Playing It

It’s in my mind
My mentality
And there is
No going back
You did me wrong
I can’t forgive you
Everyone hear my story
Listen real close
You are the perpetrator
I the victim of this tale
No matter the way
You try to explain it
It’s set in hard stone
I won’t be moving
My opinion on this
Comfortable in my role
As the one done wrong
You have to admit it
Agree with what I’ve said
Grovel before me
With an apology
I’ll tell you it’s alright
Let you believe in fantasy
But tread very lightly
For it’s in my memory
And should you transgress
Once again
This will come out
A weapon to bear
It will never leave me
And you’ll always be wrong

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.06

FOWC: Victim
Image by Anemone123 on Pixabay

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