I see you crying
At the edge of an ocean
The tears that you’ve shed
Filling her up
Grasping for words
To make it all better
Nothing can ever
Fix all your sad
For you are heartbroken
At the loss of a love
But I can promise you
You don’t want him back
Wipe out your eyes girl
And put on a party dress
If we can’t talk you
Out of your sadness
We’re gonna dance you
Towards some happiness
Perhaps to the future
You’ll be able to look
Knowing as I do
That there is better for you
Knowing as I do
You’re worth more than that guy
I know I can help you
If you just let me try
Maybe I’m lucky
And you dry up your cry
See that I’m here
Maybe the forever guy

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.05

Image by bngdesigns on Pixabay

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