Better Leaving

I got my eyes closed
Holding the tears back
Can’t stand to be here
Pretending it’s alright
That you ain’t comin back
I sent prayers out
Desperate pleas to the world
Wishin you’d never leave me
Never go that way
But in all of my thinkin
I tried to ignore
That it would be better for you
To be leavin this earth
No more painful
Parts of your body
That they can do nothin for
I know you are smilin
At my self-indulgence
Missin you so
Together in spirit
One day down the line
I’ll know that my cryin
Was a waste of time
But right now I can’t help it
Don’t wanna be alright
‘cause my heart is gone

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.05

FOWC: Health
Image by gerson_rodriguez on Pixabay

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