Put Me in Chains

Put me in chains
To restrain my anger
For it sullies the stream
Of clean flowing life
Blood red drop
Expanding rapidly
To stain the extremities
No amount of effort
Relieves of the fury
Injustice a war cry
Of a burning chest
How to release
My utter contempt
For human deception
Greed above all the rest
Attempts to forget
Futile at best
Little triggers
Ignite once again
Utter disbelief
At behaviour so appalling
Cheated and wanting
Visions of retribution
A day of reckoning
I sit down defeated
Hope exhausted
For an irredeemable world
Contemplation turned
To peaceful meditation
I offer these woes
In sighing resignation
Turned over to the light
The Universe deals
I absorb calming silence
From the bowels
Of Mother Earth
Karma and their path
No longer my focus
Receiving all of life
With ease, joy and glory
My only current concern
Unchaining me from
The toxins of rage
That no longer serve me

Debbie Gravett © 2019.03.01

FOWC: Chain
Image by Geralt on Pixabay

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