Intuitive Truth

I thought it was true
Believed every lie that you fed
Worshipped the ground that you tread
How do I reverse
These thoughts in my head
Realign to the truth I have learned?
My views, opinions and more
Influenced by that which I gleaned from you
My inspiration, example and teacher
You led me astray
To a place far away
From what I should know
Retracing my actions
My head in my hands
At what I have done
Solely on the words you said
This lesson is large
But I’m sure it isn’t to doubt
Everyone that I meet
But to be discerning
In believing without question
All that I’m told
But rather to listen
To the loud voice in my gut
The intuition I’ve been gifted
A trustworthy guide
In this life that we live

Debbie Gravett © 2019.02.26

FOWC: Reverse
Image by Amber_Avalona on Pixabay

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