Burying You

It wasn’t fact nor fiction
For you wouldn’t say
Tell me the truth either way
Ashamed or merely indifferent
You told me a thing or two
But with no corroborating clues
And now with your absence
Only a spirit to question
I’ve had to build a theory
Of why you were that way
Since learning a few actualities
I’m not sure anymore
If it’s up or down or upside-down
But I am confused for certain
I’ve had to take a deep breath
Walk a few steps back
And come to an enlightened realization
It doesn’t matter any longer
For all that I allow you to do
By continuing these thoughts
Is keep power over my life in the now
Losing precious time for these moments
So I’ll bury the questions with you
Because it doesn’t matter either way
I’m the one left living
And this is what I must do

Debbie Gravett © 2019.02.24

FOWC: Theory
Image by Pixabay/jennjaxie

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