She dragged her body through the door wishing for any horizontal surface. It wouldn’t help because restful sleep never came, instead stories and pictures flooded her mind, presenting themselves for consideration. She had many dreams at night but remembered few.

Jackie stared into space as a colleague droned on about procedures, process and the customer ALWAYS being right. The familiar fairy gliding into the meeting room on transparent heels, wrapped in a sky-blue dress waved her into reality. As her eyes took in the stranger’s willowy profile with blonde-brown vines tangling past her shoulders and eyes the reflection of her outfit, she began writing this vision’s fairy-tale as if from memory.

“Good morning. I am Rachel,” the newcomer interrupted.

Jackie’s mind plaited a crown of white lilies in the speaker’s hair, put a flute in her hands and let beautiful, mesmerizing music drift through the forest she had moved them to.

“I will be taking over from Linda…”

Like the Pied Piper, Rachel’s tune controlled the animals and they gravitated to her in peaceful, willing hops and steps.

“…with immediate effect.”

The dreamy melody playing in Jackie’s ears was shattered by the sharp change of tone.

“All leave is cancelled until further notice.”

Her fey grew dark and the creatures cowered.

“I have no idea how this department got into the mess that it is currently in but mark my words I will fix it.”

Storm clouds brought a rapid eclipse of the sun above the tall pines.

“Anyone who has a problem with this is free to leave.”

The flute slapped Jackie across her face as it was flung at her. The forest had turned scary.

“I quit!” Jackie stood and gathered her bag. “You can’t change my story, I’m going to write it my way.”

Debbie Gravett © 2019.02.21

#FFFC: Challenge #1
Image by Watanska at

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