My interest is piqued
By the title you use
Your writing ropes me in
Sending me on a wild ride
Through cities and towns
I have yet to visit in life
Or in absurdest imaginings
Amazing adventures
Fear would warn to avoid
But then you lead me there
Toss me in to the deepest end
Give meagre floatation devices
To tear them away once more
Drowning in the drama
Of a hundred possibilities
To be led to only one actuality
Then out I tumble
Lost for a moment or two
In my now mundane reality
But beware should too many ends
Dangle frayed and untied
For I shall be piqued by this ploy
To buy your continuing saga
At least endeavour to complete
The story of this here book
Only adding more in the sequel
I detest to be left hung
With absolutely no closure at all

Debbie Gravett © 2019.02.11

FOWC: Pique
Image by Pixabay/Comfreak

3 thoughts on “Closure

  1. No one likes to be left hanging at the end of a book, wondering what comes next and having to wait for the sequel for gratification. But I sometimes leave my blog readers hanging with my posts, leaving them to wonder what happened or to create their own conclusions. Hmm. That’s different, right?

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    1. That is different. I’m talking about blatant ending in the middle of a story so they can sell sequels. It is a very long book just cut into pieces with no conclusion at all. It probably comes in the last book. I at least need to feel like I’ve read a story when I read a book.

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