Not Alone

Such an onerous secret
That she is sworn to keep
For you wish no one to know
Your failings and shortcomings
That you are man, human
Fallible like all the rest
You need to wield your power
Be master over your domain
By instilling fear and terror
In those you think you rule
Lead them to believe
They are all alone in this world
No help to call on
No reliable soul other than you
But I stand here before you
Telling you another truth
Good people exist in this place
Ready to offer aid in a moment
Support, care and compassion
Something you do not truly know
To help them from your tyranny
Show them there is much more
Than the dismal picture you have painted
In the dark corner
You are making of their lives

Debbie Gravett © 2019.01.18

FOWC: Onerous
Image by Pixabay/MabelAmber

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