Decide to Climb

High wall in front of me
Towering way above
Obscuring my view
Blocking my path
Obstacle or challenge
This is what I decide
To knock my head constantly
Or to scale your impossibility
If I should choose the first
Alone in my torture I’ll be
Should I begin to climb
Hands and hearts to help
Many is what I shall find
Not in the spirit of pity
But admiration for attitude
Avoidance will only get me so far
The wall will still be waiting
No knight to break it down
I ride my own white horse
And ascend it one by one
Stronger and wiser
By the lesson that it teaches
Achievement over it
The step up that I need
To fill me with certainty

Debbie Gravett © 2019.01.05

FOWC: Wall
Image by Pixabay/kordi_vahle

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