Venture into this new day
With love and understanding
Be best friend and carer
To the reflection that you see
You were not appointed
Judge, jury nor executioner
Speak kindly of yourself
Belief programmed by your words
Stumbles and missteps
Not failure deemed unfit
Lessons on this journey
Each stride where it’s meant
Not weak or undeserving
Strong and special within
Blossom gently to the world
Uncover your own radiance
Know that it is so
Broken resolutions and missed goals
Not the final measure of your being
But how you rise, take hold of life
Carry on and carry yourself
And the love and respect
That you show the face in the mirror
Tell me who you are

Debbie Gravett © 2019.01.01

#JusJoJan: 1 January 2019
Image by Pixabay/Couleur


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