Song of Sadness

I have changed the channel many a time
In search of the elusive uplifting tune
That will pull me from the tearing pain
Which consumes the very centre of me
Shredded to disinterest and mere existence
I reach for the notes floating on wispy waves
Of reprogramming and guidance to the light
Alas, I hold them only for brief moments
Between the melodies of darkness and dying
I watch the slow demise of motivation and care
Amidst the opera within the canals of my ears
Intoning failure and lack of ability and talent
On looped repeat, should I dare not believe
For the eyes of the outside no reason exists
To not glow and bathe in the sunshine of my life
But still I wallow in a familiar recurring hole
With a twisting contortion of frostiness
Eclipsing any musical joy my heart might sing
Lacking understanding of where it comes from
Disappearing into the deprecating abyss

Debbie Gravett © 2018.11.23

FOWC: Melody
Image by Pixabay/422694

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