Welcome the Different

Silence brings the gift of sight
With which I watch the parody
Life imitating that of another
Uniqueness fallen by the way
Conformity the ultimate goal
For the thumb which sticks out
Finds the metal of the hammer
Those that do not fit suffer
A life of solitude and ridicule
For that which is not understood
Fear drives the need for eradication
Only that which makes sense
Should remain to calm
In my silence I question much
Where is tolerance for all,
Compassion and understanding?
What happened to love your fellow man?
Let us welcome and embrace the different
For their unique thinking brings new perspective
They help to build the world
Bring solutions from outside of the box
There is abundance and place for us all
None need be afraid nor rejected
Let no one be displaced or lonely

Debbie Gravett © 2018.11.12

FOWC: Parody
Image by Pixabay/Skitterphoto

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