Mirror of My Opinion

The little girl inside of me
Throws herself to the ground
After stomping her feet
Acting out loud
Feelings built up
Frustration and pain
Irritation in each action
I attract more of the same
Unable to aim my words
Undelivered to the source
For I do not wish to offend
Fragile now by their opinion
Not intended as a spear
Nonetheless stabbed by it
An internal battle wages war
Arguments for and against
Providing proof of the said
Posing the opposite
Suspected truth aggrieves
Soul-searching is required
To find the true culprit
That is needling me so
Because words spoken are only that
But my interpretation is mine alone
Decided by the depth of my thoughts
Destructive by what I believe of myself
Knowingly or not
Key lies within my own mind
My reaction to another
Mirrors of my own opinions
There is a truth in that

Debbie Gravett © 2018.11.01

FOWC: Tantrum
Image by Pixabay/geralt

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