Positive Rejection – #OctPoWriMo

All the sweet turns to sour
The happy to sad
Music becomes noise
Hopes and plans lay in tatters
In the blink of time
When the words you receive
Are not those your desires expect
Rejected in any kind of way
The heart shrivels
The day looks dark
Anger comes next with possible disbelief
A cold seeps through the bones
No matter the heat
Any light in your chest vanishes to black
Life becomes pointless and stress
In the minute you are denied
The fulfilment of your dream
But look to the hidden beneath the reply
A lesson or blessing may lurk
Better could be waiting for you
Believe that you deserve down to your depths
Turn being spurned to a bright outlook
Create and imagine the outcome you seek
See it as reality in the eye of your mind

Debbie Gravett © 2018.10.05

#OctPoWriMo: Denied
Image by Pixabay/Mact3b

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