Regret’s Eyes

Like a child on the eve of their birthday
Impatiently ready for time to move on
For life to bear the gifts it has to offer
Highest potential to become reality
Ideology to be realized as a future
Everything to be the perfect we dreamed
We grow up and mature
So eager to reach our next age
Our plans all mapped out now gone astray
For the life we imagined and wished
Didn’t have struggles nor lessons
Simple and easy never grew character
Straight forward and wonderful
Leaves the soul with no growth at all
Life’s gifts are different than we thought
Now wiser and older, I look regret in the eyes
Change my perspective and my attitude
Use that which I’ve learned and suffered
To take hold of the life that was meant

Debbie Gravett © 2018.09.27

FOWC: Eager
Image by Pixabay/ju_sajjad0

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