Confidence in Me

I smart at comments casually tossed out
With everyday conversation topics
Taken to heart as a slight against me
Said as matter-of-fact without batting an eye
Anguishing for days, months and years
Over that which the speaker long forgot
Is it I that should grow a thicker skin
Or they that should meter their words?
It matters none at the end of the day
For I am the only one losing any sleep
Confidence and self-image from the top shelf
Is all that I truly require
Because with these the words would never
Have passed the brain to reach my centre
I would know myself and trust in who I am
Simple utterances would pass as opinion
Not affecting me in the least little bit
For I would know the truth of myself

Debbie Gravett © 2018.09.18

FOWC: Smart
Image by Pixabay/422694

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