From my lips brushing yours
Any bodily contact affection
I have to now abstain
For the fluids of my body
Have mounted a terrible revolt
Leaking and oozing in disgust
A hacking bark my only reply
Aches and pain my only feelings
As I pull away from you
Afraid that you too will drown
In this flood of mucal waste
That has me baffled by its abundance
Wondering where it all comes from
In this continuous rain

Debbie Gravett © 2018.09.15

FOWC: Abstain
Image by Pixabay/qimono

2 thoughts on “Contagious

    1. It is most definitely ew and I’m so tired of it. Our bodies can be truly disgusting in their fight against unwanted guests. I’m keeping everyone at arms length at the moment. Actually for a few weeks now. It just won’t go away. Thanks for reading. I promise to try and not share this.

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