The Postman Doesn’t Ring

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “post.” Use it as a word, or find a word that uses it as a prefix. Have fun!


An old-fashioned concept to send a letter via snail mail, but I thought it would be nice to send my children postcards from Mauritius when my husband and I went on holiday with friends. It would be a novelty as they have never received post in the postbox addressed to them and I wonder if they ever will considering little is sent that way anymore what with saving trees by using less paper and privacy and security issues from people opening ones letters.

Unfortunately, what I did not know is that our post office was on strike at the time. I only found that out once I got home. They have since gone back to work, but I suspect with the backlog many pieces of mail were just dumped as has been found before. I still hope that they might turn up as I have heard of letters turning up a year or more later. Maybe I’m just trying to be optimistic. I know they were only postcards, but I really wanted my children to get them as I wanted to teach them about the postal system and how things can travel around the world and I would have helped them research exactly how a piece of cardboard that I wrote on and deposited in a round red box at the hotel that we were staying at could find its way to ours on a different piece of land floating in the oceans.

So now I stick to posting on my blog where people all over the world can read what I write, and it doesn’t cost be a postage stamp, just an internet connection. I wonder if the postal system will disappear completely one day and the things that do need postage will go by courier as many do now, because people don’t trust normal postage. Only time will tell, and I guess I’ll have to do the lesson with my children without their own messages having been delivered. They know all about blogs and all things internet as this is the world they were born into whereas we had to figure this stuff out when we were out of school already – yes, I’m that old, it also only came to South Africa later than the US, so maybe not as old as you think, but my children still teach me a thing or two.

SoCS: Post
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2 thoughts on “The Postman Doesn’t Ring

  1. I hate that your kids didn’t get the postcards! Getting “real” mail is special. Even my older kids who think they’re too cool for school love getting mail. 🙂

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