They’ll tell you it’s a woman’s emotions
The switch so very suddenly
Happy one minute and sad the next
They’d have you believe we’re all erratic
Say they cannot understand us
Don’t know how to deal with these things
With looks of total absurdity
At the things that we do and think
I believe it’s a human condition
Neither a male nor female thing about it
Just those who are in touch with feelings
Awake to the enlightenment
The effects of the moon
Whether they know it or not
The waves of mood surrounding others
Absorbed unconsciously
Simply by just walking by
We are affected not infected
By all that surrounds us
Our lesson to learn
How not to let it change us
But rather to simply observe

Debbie Gravett © 2018.09.12

FOWC: Erratic
Image by Pixabay/darksouls1

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