Bin The Labels

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “round.” Use it as a word by itself or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you start and/or finish your post with it. Have fun!

Round is a shape that I have come to assume and I’m not happy about it. I’m fat. There I said it and I’ve just gone against the advice of the book I’m busy reading – Your Erroneous Zone by Wayne W. Dyre. I labelled myself! In my defence – or more excuses – it is only as I believe society and doctors do and I’m not exactly wrong, but I know that I shouldn’t do it. I haven’t read the part about the why of our labelling behaviour (I stopped at that heading a little earlier today) but I am well aware from all of my learnings of the past few years that defining myself with an “I am” statement is a definite no-no, because then I am locking in a belief about myself and once I program myself in that manner it becomes a lot harder to change. It’s hard enough trying to lose the weight, I don’t need to make it harder on myself. He refers to a poem (just down my alley) by D. H. Lawrence called “What Is He?.”

It makes me think about the thoughts going through my head when I try to follow very good advice and just can’t seem to change my thought patterns. I keep coming back to the negative, not good enough. It doesn’t help me to sit and dissect the how I got here, boohoo me and “why did I make stupid choices?”. What I need to do is figure out how I unlock this programming and reprogram a positive self-view and I’m sure the book will help with this a little further in, but from my current knowledge I know that writing down the things that I am grateful for – especially regarding my body – helps diminish the self-loathing a little, like I can walk, I can see, I can hear, my body carried two beautiful children and so on…

It’s a continuous journey and learning something new with each round.

#SoCS: Round
Image by Pixabay/Free-Photos

5 thoughts on “Bin The Labels

  1. Today I have a rounder shape than I would like too see. But, there are folk much rounder than me. That said the issue is what shape ‘I’ would and continue to work at trying to be. Within the shape it is still the loveliness that is you and me … Good response to the prompt.

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  2. Society can be awful about such things. I know several round people who are some of the most kind, caring and wonderful souls.
    Reprogramming is hard. I have to work at it daily. Thank you for sharing your post with us. The link to the DH Lawrence poem was a nice bonus.

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