How We See

The world around is ready to inspire
So many little motivations to see
It is our perception that dictates their effect
To tear us down or build us up
It all depends on what we see
It is said that attitude is everything
I am inspired by those that see beauty
In the darkest of places and times
By magical words lilting off the tongue
Dancing on toes across my ear drums
Lyrical, poetic and lighting kindling in my heart
I aspire to be an inspiration to others
Together to find harmony and peace and happiness
For us all


The drumbeats of the earth pulsate through me
The rhythm of the thud, thud carries me
This life force paces the throbbing of my heart
Feet firmly planted in the red soil of Africa
She is alive and jumping
Her beauty inspires words, pictures and passion
She is dark, she is light, she is fierce
Wide open spaces, wild vast wilderness
Rushing raging rivers, quiet grassy plains
Thrashing ocean waves, tranquil bushland bomas
She is an unsolved conundrum holding my hand

Debbie Gravett © 2018.08.23

FOWC: Inspire
Image by Pixabay/Vincentvanoosten

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