Being Not Doing

I am a being not a doing
But society frowns upon me
How can I wait for the Universe
To answer that which I ask?
I have to take action
To get what I want
No resting on your laurels
There is no good luck
It all takes hard work
Programmed with these words
I should be a top performing citizen
Trained to not ask questions
Rather to follow blindly
Believe faithfully in that which I’m told

I am a being not a doing
I question, I search
I ask the ethereal Universe
I talk to intangible celestial energies
I require three sources to believe society
But I believe in magic and mystery
The things of fairy tales and fantasy
Faith in more to this existence
Much that we don’t know
Not inactive and expecting only miracles
I work to discover the secrets inside
Listen to the voice from no physical form
Whispered to me I trust it, follow it
Being true to my soul and purpose

Debbie Gravett © 2018.08.21

FOWC: Being
Image by Pixabay/darksouls1

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