Ignoring Opinion

This is to be taught to our children. We will not lose control over them if we teach them to ignore our opinions, because we are not to control them, but to guide them gently to be all that they can be and those beings are amazing. Let us all be strong. If we learn this as children, we do not suffer our doubting adult selves as much.

You are on a voyage
The lesson to be learnt
To love thyself unconditionally
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are fierce
You are kind
You are compassionate
You are delightful
You are wonderous
You are talented
You are valuable
You are enough
But don’t hold so much sway
In that which I say
Know who you are
Own who you are
Be proud of who you are
Ignore the opinions of thy neighbour

Debbie Gravett © 2018.08.20

FOWC: Neighbor
Image by Pixabay/Alexas-Fotos

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