Standing Up

You see the tempest tossing storm
Building waves of colossal form
Greying face of thunder clouds
Avoiding gathered crowds
Expectations of this modern life
Raining stress the world rife
My insides burning bright
Eclipsing warmth of the sun light
Ashamed of perceived deficiencies
Fighting with fake activities
I’ve had enough!

Now I take a stand from this wall
Bring calm and peace to the raging squall
I tip and toss, unsettling this boat
For I am confident in my ability to float
Compliance with society no longer my goal
Release myself, the essence of my soul
Regardless it be different or unacceptable
To judgements I am much less susceptible
I stand awakened on my own two feet
Ready to occupy the driver’s seat
I am enough!

Debbie Gravett © 2018.08.16

FOWC: Modern
Image by Pixabay/songjayjay

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