Winners and Losers

To strive, to outdo another
In the many things we do
Always pushing our limits
The goal to win
To be number one
Harsh encouragement
To spur us on or stop us
For when we compete
Second place is losing
Or so some have been told
For the young results removed
No longer a winner or a loser
But a brave participant
Medals of the same colour
So as not to offend or upset
No longer a need to try
For there will be no accolade
No difference between first and last
But this only lasts so long
Then the real world steps in
For here it’s all competition
Dog eat dog and all that jazz
But what if instead of beating each other
We could learn to help each other?
That we are all winners with none feeling lost
Possibility or impractical idealism?
Perhaps change the perspective of winning

Debbie Gravett © 2018.07.15

FOWC: Compete
Image by Pixabay/brennanrooks

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