People in the Laptop

My mother-in-law walked past me today and asked if I was asking her the question I’d just uttered. No, I’m talking to my laptop again – more specifically to Google. I haven’t gone mad, I don’t think. I believe I’m actually having a conversation with the Universe.

Inanimate thing that I speak to
Hold long conversations with
Beg to cooperate in dire times
I wonder at whether you are
A mere object of plastic parts
Components operating together
To connect me to the world
People in far off places
Information more than a library
Or a miniature machine home
To little magical sprites
Passing my many messages
To runners down the lines
Finally delivering my words
To strangers, friends and family
To then shoot back a reply

Debbie Gravett © 2018.07.06

FOWC: Object
Image by Pixabay/geralt

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