Adding Love

In the centre is my beating heart
Pulsing and vibrating for others
Emitting energy to send away
Proud to be known as loving and kind
Giving and giving of myself, unrelenting
In this bleeding core I could not find
Not a drop that pumped for myself
In tiny steps, some back rather than forward
I begin to add love for me to this flow
The selfish will feel the loss
The true will beam with pride
That I no longer lay myself down
As the step to raise others
The mat to clean their feet
A strange and wonderful peace settles
As I see and understand the worth
My genuine few saw I was before I did
Life changing this new romance I have found
The love and care of myself for myself

Debbie Gravett © 2018.05.14

Daily Prompt: Core
Image by Pixabay/Candiix

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