You’ve Done it Before

When spirits are dragging about
Shrouded in sadness and gloom
When tears hang on the verge
And rising is too great an effort
When the voice attacks you
Plunges the dagger of doubt
Again and again to each defence
It turns your mind to defeat
Bloodied by the battle of self
You surrender to your doom
Useless and good for nothing
You define yourself in darkness
Despicable, worthless and naught
You have forgotten the wars won
You’ve done it before you know
Shut-eyed and crying for help
Step to the path of rewind
Remember the previous times
When all was lost, hope was none
Astonish yourself with what you’ve done
See the way out as before
Acknowledge your greatness
Light the fire of your fight
Know that you have and can again

Debbie Gravett © 2018.05.01

Daily Prompt: Astonish
Image by Pixabay/sasint

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