A mallet of disappointment
Cracks chips into my chest
Enough is enough I declare
For the thousandth time
Feeble will faltered again
Loathed to look at myself
I partake in poisoning
My own body once more
For a fleeting sweetness
Whose ills last much longer
I ask the question over
Why am I so weak willed?
I stick to nothing, give in
Once this is finished
Once that is done
Complete in one sitting
To try again tomorrow
Yet here it sits before me
Wash, rinse and repeat
The sins of my appetite
It calls out to me constantly
Consumes my thoughts
Drowning in guilt
And the excess of ill health
I surrender too easily
Too tired and clearly too weak
To resist or to fight
A fresh onslaught
Of selling myself short

Debbie Gravett © 2018.04.23

Daily Prompt: Mallet & Partake
Image by Pixabay/Karin_Nadine

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