Balloon Lady

You know when you’re doing something and something totally out of the blue comes to mind. Today a childhood memory of visiting my grandmother and spending most of the time looking into her large cabinet of Royal Doulton figurines. Their colour was amazing. One memory can send the mind on a path of wondering, debating and questioning what you just accepted as fact back in time.

I’m sure your ashes just dusted my shoulder
Sending me back to my childhood days
Visiting your simple apartment
Where you lived alone
Who loved the grandsons more than the girls
At least that’s how it appear to be
Your cabinet of fascination had me glued
Vibrant coloured porcelain figurines
Must have been near a hundred or so
Protected behind their cage of wood and glass
Smooth and shiny treasures
The balloon lady was my favourite
Bright colours and a purveyor of fun
Memories of coffee and biscuits
With a lonely old lady, her grand-daughter and son

Debbie Gravett © 2018.04.15

Image by Pixabay/OpenClipart-Vectors

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