Hide Away

Do you keep bad comments or competition losses or rejections of your writing to yourself? I try to learn from them, but when I get more than one on the same day doubt runs riot in my mind.

Oh to be invisible today
Not found by all of those
Demanding something from me
For I have news
That they do not know
I wish to hide under the covers
Stay there for a long while
The incessant rain outside
The gloomy cold drain
Mirrors tear-stains of my insides
Wrapped in self-doubt again
Instead of a fluffy down duvet
Contemplating capitulation
To the daemons of bad writing
More failure that triumph
Seen in the slave of creativity
Rejections which I keep to myself
Like nothing is gutting me
Rerunning the words of my mistakes
Continuously stabbing home pain
I go on with delivering what they want

Debbie Gravett ©️2018.03.22

Daily Prompt: Invisible
Image by Pixabay/tvjoern


6 thoughts on “Hide Away

  1. This was lovely. I loved your rhyme scheme here.
    And I think getting your compositions and works rejected is just a necessary evil we all have to go through while growing as writers.
    Keep writing, you never know what will happen next time! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

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