Is This Mine

Sudden overwhelm of great sadness
Tears swim in front of my eyes
Swallowed down and sucked back
The origin of these unknown to me
Surprised by the sheer weight
Crushing heavy on my heart
Surrounding noise quieted by sorrow
So loud and intense I’m drowning
Searching for the source of this pain
I cannot find it, and I wonder if
This indeed belongs to me or another
Have I absorbed this from a passer-by?
Should that be the case
I return to sender, release it from me
That which is not mine
If it be that these are my feelings
I ask of the celestial beings
To help me to discover the root
Resolve and surrender to the Universe
This sudden overwhelm of great sadness

Debbie Gravett © 2018.03.15

Daily Prompt: Noise
Image by Pixabay/pawel_kozera

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