Becoming Organized

These days called life, they’re messy
Filled with complicated relationships
Broken dreams and tattered self-esteem
With clutter and chaos our habitat
Our insides reflecting the same as our out
Calm hiding in the release of the unnecessary
In the folds of a confusion of jumble
Found in order and minimalistic simplicity
Not only for the obsessively compulsive
But for the peace seekers, the quiet yearners
Those looking for sense in the bedlam
Shattered nerve endings and frazzled minds
Cause a connection of ownership
To become totally and completely personally mine
Possession of “I am a mess” cemented
These hopeless and irrecoverable ideas take root
Only rectifiable by another, any other than me
But if I should try tidy and clear one piece at a time
I shall surprise myself, for I am sufficiently capable
To fix the mess that is not me and not mine
To let it flutter away in the fresh breeze
Replaced by these days called life, they’re organized

Debbie Gravett © 2018.03.04

Daily Prompt: Messy
Image by Pixabay/geralt

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