I dug deep, way below the surface
In search of just one thing
I wondered when I’d lost it
Where had it gone those years ago
Encrusted in judgement and shame
Disappointed, let down and lost
I found myself in the shadows of me
Hidden by the people pleaser I’d become
The person that others wanted me to be
I chipped away with hammer and chisel
Sometimes hurting
Issues to be dealt with, to be released
I worked tirelessly every day
Called for help when I recognised the need
Self-care my most important priority
Until I uncovered this masterpiece
Still I work, to teach her, care for her
I do not allow others to disrespect her
I cradle my inner child tightly
Let her know always she is loved unconditionally
I hold myself high and answer to myself

Debbie Gravett © 2018.02.23

Daily Prompt: Encrusted
Image by Pixabay/EvaTejado

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