Tiered Cake

From your pedestal above me you look down
A perceived vantage place of superiority
Decreed by your eyes to be lesser than you
For the clothes that I wear or the words that I use
A rube of no name with lack of breeding
But fair one I should warn you that this cake is tiered
There is another that looks down on you too
With ideas of grandeur and supremacy
You judge my outer appearance and know not me
I too can wear icing and cherries and candied adornments
It doesn’t speak of my substance and the sweetness thereof
But if any above me should melt
Then they will feel I am good enough to catch them
Save them from falling flat
Put them back in their tower and leave them at that

Debbie Gravett © 2018.02.18

Daily Prompt: Rube
Image by Pixabay/1103997

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