You Stifle Possibility

Loud and drowning out all others
Thoughts to smother encouragement
The eternal question mark of ability
Lying dormant until confidence should stir
To stifle any consideration of possibility
Initiate a futile search for external validity
For that which is found too shall be shredded
I hear the voice of self-doubt echoing
Most vicious, vile and outspoken critic
Whispering harmful disgusting drivel
I leave you now to listen to yourself
Find the quiet calm at the centre of my being
See the glowing light and greatness that is me
Know that I am capable of all that I dream
Arise with a rush of silence in my ears
No longer vested in any of your opinions
To conquer all that I choose to do and be

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.30

Daily Prompt: Stifle
Image by Pixabay/Foundry

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