Airy Fairy

Please do not take offence by the title of this poem, but what I believe in has often been referred to as this. To each their own belief. Who am I to judge which is wrong and which is right? These are mine. It is only more recently that I have admitted to this openly for fear of judgement, but this is me.

And fairytales
These things people believe in
That I couldn’t possibly see
No logical explanations
Faith in an intangible divinity
Slowly it crept over me
Meditation for peace within the mind
Brought whispered words
Visions of distinct possibility
Pleas in times of need
To translucent, transparent entities
Ended doubts with physical replies
My eyes could now see
That which wasn’t there at all
Today I practice these things
With crystals around me
The moon, Universe and sun
And great spiritual energy
I too have faith in the abstract ‘airy fairy’

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.28

Daily Prompt: Inscrutable
Image by Pixabay/phpmaster80917


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