The Writing Plan

I developed a strategy
All mapped out in my head
Way before deadline date
To sit with bottom in chair
Brainstorm ideas on topic
Must have at least five
Choose the one that speaks
Write, erase and write again
Let it communicate through me
But like pages of a manuscript
Taken by the thieving wind
I sit here a day before due
My strategy hijacked by the hurricane
Of everyday life events
I do not lie down and surrender
For the map is laid out in my mind
From stolen moments of thought
Of what I should have been doing
With my bum in my chair
Fingers on my keyboard
Now all that is left is to give flesh
To the whirling sounds in my head

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.22

Daily Prompt: Strategy
Image by Pixabay/RachelScottYoga

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