Peace and Harmony

I am a softy that doesn’t take well to any discord. Slamming doors and swearing bring a level of negative energy into my space that I want to run from. I’m not above being the one swearing – I try not to slam doors. I do however try hard to not be that someone too often. I know the behaviour is out of frustration and I feel for that person – probably too much and thus why I take it into my heart – but I truly do cringe and want to leave the vicinity until all is well again. Not the best coping skill I know, but what can I say – I don’t deal well with conflict.

Cringe, cringe, cringe
At your negative tone
At the banging doors
Cringe, cringe, cringe
I pull into my bubble
I love you oh so dearly
But I can’t any longer
You make me want to run
You make me want to hide
My shoulders are attempting
To cover my hurting ears
No violence nor strikes
Yet I still cringe
Like a blow to the heart
By the words and sounds
Not even aimed at me
I cower from your presence
Not out of fear, but preservation
You are a walking thunder cloud
I am a soft soul
That takes it all in
I am a soft soul
In need of a soft wind
In need of peace and harmony
So that I do not
Cringe, cringe, cringe

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.17

Image by Pixabay/leninscape

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