Let Your Thoughts Be

I often struggle to clear my thoughts during meditation. I turn to guided meditations when this happens. I sometimes feel like I’m failing at meditating – no stress. It’s supposed to be relaxing and here I am worried that I’m not getting it right, because I can’t turn my thought factory off for just a little while. What if… I just let those thoughts come? Don’t judge them, or myself for having them, nod my head at them and carry on meditating. If they happen to take me on a journey, maybe that was all part of the plan, where I get lost receiving the message.

Swift and nimble
They fly right in
Not to be quieted
Not to be tossed aside
Acknowledge them
And leave them be
See where they lead you
Do not force them out
Nor try to direct them
For there to be truth and honesty
Let these agile thoughts
Bring you the messages
That the Universe intended
Explicitly for thee

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.17

Daily Prompt: Agile
Image by Pixabay/20672

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