Material Things

This poem was inspired by the following article:
Young NSW woman’s open letter to the world shared following her death

Gather thee goods of material wealth
Stacked on high atop each other
To compare to another’s
To bring on the braggart
A practice ancient in time
Carve thy path in opulence
With aim to stand above the rest
Alas, it can be lonely if thou be on thy own
No matter the heights thou reach
Those around, neither friend nor foe
Just greedy hangers on hoping for a piece
All these things worth naught
To thee on the day of death
Trade the collection of unnecessary
For moments of wonder and joy
Experience the offerings of life
Grab hold the roller coaster
Make the journey an adventure
Such, greater than in the greatest books
To hold close and page through
As your human existence ebbs away

Debbie Gravett © 2018.01.12

Daily Prompt: Carve
Image by Pixabay/rawpixel

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